Random Linux Garble.

Trying Out Fedora 16

I love new things, especially new software. As soon as F15 hit, I jumped onto the live cd and was pretty pleased. I installed the alpha as my main OS, with a mean backup solution of my home dir ! of course. I really enjoy the updates Gnome as done in the jump from 2 to 3, I just hate how they come with a cost of gnome-shell crashing frequently. This time I waited until the beta for 16, since there weren’t enough benefits to justify going with the alpha release.

A lot of people I talk to just flat out hate Gnome 3 altogether, which I dont get. I am hoping that Gnome 3.2 will have a lot of the bugs worked out, as they have had a good amount of time at this point to work on that.
So far there doesn’t seem to be too much different, aside from the cool underwater background image. Most of the changes I am hoping to see in performance of Gnome 3, as the first release was a bit buggy.

Kernel 3.1 is installed by default, along with Gnome 3.19 (hopefully soon to be 3.2) and Firefox 7.0, which puts this distro at the bleeding edge of its core components and add-ons. This may come with the cost of some hardships and crashes, but all worth it to try out this new version.