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Mounting Your Rackspace Cloudfiles in Centos 5.5 5.6 via Cloudfuse

I came across this blog post that explained how to setup cloudfuse on Debian based systems. Cloudfuse allows you do mount your Cloud Files container to a mount point on your server. This could come in useful for backup, restore, etc. Ill go through how to achieve this on Centos/RHEL as its a bit different that Ubuntu/Debian.

1) Install cloudfuse

$ wget  
$ sudo rpm -ivh epel-release-5-4.noarch.rpm  
$ sudo yum install fuse fuse-devel curl curl-devel gcc git make libxml2 libxml2-devel  
$ git clone git://  
$ cd cloudfuse  
$ ./configure  
$ make  
$ sudo make install

2) Setup your auth info for Rackspace Cloud Files. These can be set either as mount options or in a file named /root/.cloudfuse

username=[RS CF username]  
api_key=[RS CF api key]

3) add your user to the fuse group

$ sudo usermod -a -G fuse username

4) Get the gid for the fuse group and hold onto it, you need it in step 6.

$ cat /etc/group | grep fuse

5) Create the mount point for cloudfiles

$ mkdir /media/cloudfiles

6) Add the following into /etc/fstab (remember to replace values as they exist on your server, mount point, gid= )

cloudfuse /media/cloudfiles fuse defaults,gid=101,umask=007,allow_other  

7) Finally run the mount -a command to mount the your cloudfiles container.

$ sudo mount -a

At this point you should be able to navigate into that directory and view all the files that are in your cloudfiles account. Have fun.