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Register Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 Beta

I was given a number of subscriptions from Redhat for the 6.1 Beta release. Tonight was the first time I tried to use one, to setup a learning environment for my brother here. I did not install this with a desktop, so I did not have the option of choosing to register from System->Administration->RHN Registration.

So naturally I tried to type: rhn_register . This took me to the register utility tui, but did not let me register the system. I kept getting errors about the not having any valid entitlements. So then I actually read through the entire email and saw that they had included this with the Beta info, that rhn_register will not work. The new command for this in 6.1 is as follows:

 subscription-manager register --username myusername --password '\*\*\*|\\*\*\*|\\*\*\*|\\*\*\*|\*'

 subscription-manager subscribe --username myusername --password '\*\*\*|\\*\*\*|\\*\*\*|\\*\*\*|\*'

Personally, I liked rhn_register, but whatever. Its all the same I supposed.