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How to Scrobble to From Pandora

So I have been loving my Pandora membership lately, now that I’m in a position at work where I can just listen. One thing that always bugged me was the rivalry between Pandora and, because I love to listen to music on Pandora while keeping track of music on

There is the plugin for Firefox, LastFMFirefox Extension which is cool, but doesn’t seem to work on Linux. I used to use this back when I still used windows and it worked great. Now I primarily use Ubuntu, and well that doesnt seem to work.

Also, not really a fan of firefox anymore, I use Chrome as it seems to handle my obnoxious habits (keeping 25 tabs open) much better. So besides Pandora allowing scrobbling, there wasn’t much else I could find.

Then I ran across which accomplishes just this. It loads Pandora into a frame in the browser, and sends the listened tracks to as they are played. Pretty nice.

Hopefully one day Pandora One subscribers will be able to just do this in the settings area, but for now this will do.