Random Linux Garble.

A Review

We were looking for a solution for a new site that we are developing and ran across mosso on some random site. At the time we were on a dedicated solution at godaddy and were paying a decent amount for that. The cloud looked intriguing and the fact that it was hosted by rackspace made it even more appealing.

We made the move a month back and I can say that I do see an improvement in performance. Our sites definitely load faster and run better. I miss a lot of the control we had on Server 2008, but so far its not so bad.

I feel a bit safer with all of our sites running on the cloud as opposed to our server. Before, if something happened to that dedicated server, then we were out of luck for at least 8 hours, which is common response time for many dedicated hosts.

There have been a few limitations that I have run into as well. I mean with the good always comes some bad right?

  1. I tried to load up a site the other day which runs on Umbraco as its platform, only to find out that we are on a medium trust host.

  2. I asked about the connection limits on the SQL server databases, wondering if that were also a limitation that we may face in the future. I really did not get an answer from them. They rep who I spoke acknowledged that there were limitations but did not know the numbers.

Aside from those two hiccups I have to say that its been a pleasure moving over to their cloud hosting. I am just waiting for Mosso to come out with the Windows Server 2008 Cloud Servers, which they said are currently in development. I like the company so far, and the support is always there and ready to help which is always a plus. I would recommend them for sure.